Welcome to Rocket CCW.  This website was designed to help you understand concealed carry laws and how to best get your CCW permit if you live in a state that requires it.  As concealed carry laws change, it is best to keep coming to this site so as to learn more about what is happening and how it affects you. 

Another thing you should consider is getting CCW insurance.  Whether or not you believe you’ll make the right decision, just know that no matter what, even if you are in a gun fight, you’ll need to cover court cases and more.  Therefore, if you plan to carry, you should absolutely think about getting the right CCW insurance.

Sadly, there are a lot of companies out there, all claiming to have the best coverage.  But that’s not true. Instead, check out this article here  to find out which is the best CCW insurance and make the right choice. You’ll find companies like CCW Safe or USCCA as great possible choices – and depending on your needs or preferences, one might be much better than the other.

And finally, if you are looking to get a gun to conceal and carry, you might want to check out a list of the best CCW guns this year.  This list of concealed carry guns includes pocket pistols, micro compact, single stacks, snub nose and subcompacts.  You can also learn about which type would be best for you and your needs and help you to make the right choice. So, be sure to check out that  article on the best concealed carry guns.

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    Concealed carry insurance, commonly known as “CCW insurance” or “self-defense liability protection,” plays a crucial role in safeguarding responsible gun owners from potential legal and financial consequences. This comprehensive guide explores the best concealed carry insurance options available, offering peace of mind for individuals exercising their Second Amendment rights. Understanding Concealed Carry Insurance and Its…

  • Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit – Available as Online CCW [2020]

    Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit – Available as Online CCW [2020]

    The State of Tennessee now allows online training for their concealed carry permit (CCW). Previously, in order to apply for your handgun carry permit in Tennessee, you had to attend an 8-hour in-person class covering firearm safety, handgun use, and TN concealed carry laws. However, now you can obtain your training to satisfy the TN…

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  • Why You Should Get Your Virginia CCW?

    Why You Should Get Your Virginia CCW?

    Regardless of whether you actually live in Virginia, you should consider getting your Virginia CCW. As we’ll discuss below, you should get your Virginia CCW because: It will allow you to carry concealed in over half of our country (over 30 states) You aren’t required to live/reside in Virginia If you’d like to know how to get…